5 ways managed IT services will improve your business growth

Written by: Intelsyn
Published date: September 6, 2021

Data drives the growth of the modern business. However, as technology evolves at a rapid pace, IT requirements are constantly changing, not to mention the growing security threats to this data and downtimes that can devastate any business. This is where partnering with a managed service provider becomes important. It not only helps you smooth out different cloud processes, but it also helps you manage cost and security challenges efficiently and continuously.

IT services are the backbone of an effective organization. A good managed services provider (MSP) provides real-time support to staff but also ensures that systems are up to date and optimal. Your data is important and needs a backup strategy. MSPs ensure your organization is safe from threats and productive.

How Managed IT Services Will Improve Your Business Growth

Working with a managed services provider (MSP) will help your business avoid some of the drawbacks of workplace IT problems. Managed services enable a company to focus on its core product and/or service offerings while operating more efficiently. Here are the best 5 managed services benefits you should know about.

1. Proactive Monitoring

What a relief it would be to be able to stop a problem from occurring in your infrastructure. Your managed service provider (MSP) constantly monitors your systems for issues, often resolving them before they become a problem.

2. Routine Maintenance

Its services rely heavily on routine maintenance. Hardware failure can create an all-hands-on-deck situation as you scramble to repair malfunctioning equipment. Ongoing maintenance from your MSP helps to keep your technology up to date and can even extend the life of your hardware.

3. Receive 24/7 IT support

When you have an in-house IT team, your company may experience downtime during non-working hours, which will remain unresolved until your staff returns. A managed service provider, on the other hand, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get help whenever you need it. A reputable provider provides round-the-clock support to ensure that your business remains operational at all times.

4. Predictable monthly costs

Another key benefit of managed IT services is that your costs will be neatly packaged into a single fee that you can pay either annually or monthly. Maintaining an in-house IT team, on the other hand, can be quite costly due to the frequent and unexpected expenses that can quickly deplete your budget. Being able to predict your monthly expenses means your business will be more stable overall.

5. Built-in Repairs

When it comes to repairing fees, your bottom line may suffer, especially if it takes more than one repair service to resolve a single issue. Managed services carry out repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner in accordance with your agreement.

Wrapping Up

Managed services can provide many of the same benefits to small and medium-sized businesses that an in-house IT department does to large corporations. For the cost of a monthly charge, you may limit your downtime and eliminate the headache of IT issues. Reduce the frustration that can come with technology, while also improving employee productivity and office culture. Managed services provide a single point of contact for maintaining a stable IT environment, which is a significant benefit over attempting to fix problems as they arise.

Intelsyn can help determine the best-managed services mix for your business's specific needs. Contact us for more information!