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Digital Operations & Platforms

Accelerate business operations with Centralized platform

We provide next generation technology to enterprises , allowing business leaders to respond quickly to evolving market needs. Our core business knowledge with cognitive technologies such as digital, automation and analytics to offer powerful business intelligence. Our stakeholder best-in-class core application or software that will allow your business to adapt & meet customer expectations.We offer your teams one central place to handle the operations they are responsible for. Information does not have to be manually transferred between systems, decreasing the chance of manual errors.
Data-driven Decisions
Our focus on automation offers you improve your productivity and empower your employees. Automating time consuming and repetitive workflows will free up your employees to focus their time on other more challenging tasks, and a centralized platform will reduce data silos between different areas of the business.
Improving Productivity
Centralized platform in place means data silos between different business units are minimized. Our team help you collate and analyses this data in order to make strategic decisions in real time. We removes much of the guesswork when it comes to forecasting demand, anticipating customer reaction to changes in pricing, and assessing the effectiveness of new business strategies.
A Better Customer Experience
Our solutions experts smartly deliver seamless customer experience.

Software Development

Our Software development services take care of end-to-end development of both the front end and the back end. This process involves the three layers of – presentation layer or the front end; the business logic layer or the back end part that deals with data validation; and the database layer.

To address the pressing needs or achieve objectives of your specific business, we have ecosystem of specialized partners. Our is to custom software development with designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software. Our tailored solutions including mobile apps for every type of business process. Our clients also realize huge time and cost savings, which they would have otherwise spent on hiring the right talent and/or on working with multiple vendors

Solutions We Provide
Custom Software Development
Legacy Application Modernization
Application Customization & Configuration
Application Monitoring & Support

Application Maintenance

App maintenance cartoon
Our Application architect Will Build Your Hybrid IT Roadmap and Strategy
Review of your current environment, operations, architecture, security, hybrid, network, application performance, and business continuity plans.
Identify issues such as multiple silos, technology upgrades, and unbalanced operating models that are holding you back.
Build a roadmap for architecting your hybrid IT infrastructure to be scalable, agile, secure, reliable, and future-proof.
Show you how to modify your operational processes to give you better visibility, control, capacity planning, and utilization.

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Software QA and Testing

In today’s challenging and extremely competitive marketplace, QA and testing is key to minimize errors in your software, app, or cloud-based service that could hamper user experience, security, or stability – ultimately, protecting your brand and reputation.
The software testing solutions are not just a cost mitigating tool. Our professional and experienced QA professionals can help identify and correct the root cause of repetitive errors, prevent costly rework, and streamline your software development processes and procedures.
Partner with Intelsyn to facilitate and implement software QA and testing best practices and tools. Our quality assurance experts help you align business goals with technical priorities, create engaging user experiences, and quickly deploy your software to market across multiple platforms and devices.

System Integration

System integration is the linking of systems and software applications. This means they are able to talk to each other and act as a coordinated whole.
Technologies you implemented to save time can lead to more manual work as you try to connect uncooperative touchpoints.
Our system integration specialist enables you and your employees spend less time arguing with computer programs or searching for information. Instead, you can spend more time productively, helping customers and advancing your business reach, profits and growth.