Open-source Software

Licence-free freedom from vendor lock-ins
Better economic model, No license cost & freedom from vendor lock-in.
The software is called Open Source Software only if the source code is freely Accessible without any restrictions. Open Source has been a part of the IT landscape for years.

Why open source is so popular?
The financial crisis and unprecedented pandemic had businesses slash budgets. Due to limited funds, globally many companies started to consider Open Source software for a better economic model. As budgets continue to get slashed without notice, many enterprises are moving towards Open Source software, as there is no upfront license cost & no vendor lock-in.
Businesses benefit from Open Source software in a variety of ways. While the software is not necessarily free of cost, there is no CAPEX or acquisition cost involved. Only running expenses, such as consulting and support, are incurred by the company.

Open Source Consulting and Development Services...

Our Open Source consulting and development services towards a flexible, cost-effective, and secure future for Databases, Business intelligence & Operating Systems, etc.
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