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Cost-savings solutions with licence free technologies that achieves better results and optimized performance. 

Process Transformation and IT Governance

Modernize your processes and digitization by IT governance practices helps to save cost, better integrate your IT systems, align IT into business strategy, and improve operating efficiency.

The Intelsyn process consultant derives value from existing data, to provides expert services in process benchmarking, executive advisory, and process transformation design and implementation, such as:
Root cause analysis.
Process redesign and optimization.
Development of quantitative and qualitative process metrics.
IT strategy development.
Intelsyn process consultant experienced IT governance process to provide regulations to govern and protect confidential data, financial accountability, data retention, and disaster recovery. To manage these expectations of all internal stakeholders and customers, our ITIL specialist is focusing on many aspects including,
Building Stronger alignment between IT and the business to deliver realized value
Better services at a low cost and an increase in productivity
Managing business risk and service disruption or failure
Results in better asset utilization           
Ability to identify and address problems.

Professional IT Consulting

COVID-19 has increased pressure on businesses to respond to rapidly changing market demands with both an innovative and agile approach. To stay ahead of the wave and achieve long-term success, you should perform ongoing business transformations.
Our consulting services drive competitive advantage and business growth by leveraging technology like IT consulting and support to reach your goals. Tie your hand with our IT consulting company to make smarter technology decisions, increase ROI and continuously improve your business. Our IT consulting support team, work with your employees, hand-in-hand, to unlock true potentials, whilst optimizing performance and help to achieve your business goals.

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions helps you, architect, implement, maintain, and optimize your technology products utilizing our service products. Get the required Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to improve service delivery, functionality, operational security, and service management for your information assets.

IT Security

IT Security Service is all about protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data.

In the digital world, data remain in the servers, PCs, laptops, Mobile or somewhere on the internet. Our IT Security experts are bound to defend an organization's networks, computers, and data from unlawful digital access, assault or vandalism by incorporating multiple technologies, processes, and regulations. Our data protection analysts provide services related to threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your business-sensitive data. Intelsyn gives you a comprehensive view of your compliance status of the IT landscape and continuously monitors your environment as shown below.
Network security:
The process of protecting the network layer from unlawful access, attacks, and intrusions.
Application security
Apps require constant updates and security patches to ensure these programs are secure from attacks.
Database and infrastructure security
Everything in a network involves databases and physical equipment. Protecting these devices is equally important.
Disaster recovery/business continuity planning
In the event of a security breach, natural disaster, or other event, data must be protected and business must go on.
Endpoint security
Work-From-Home or remote access is an essential part of modern business, but can also be a weak point for data. Endpoint security is the process of protecting remote devices through the company's network.
Data security
Data is inside of networks and applications. Protecting sensitive data of the company and customer is mandatory.
End-user education: Users may be employees accessing the network or customers logging on to a company app. Educating best practices is an important part of cyber-security.

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Business Continuity

In addition to the fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital business, the COVID-19 crisis has created permanent social and business impacts. In response, every organization has changed the way it operates. Some changes were forced, others represent the height of innovation. Understanding how to formulate a business continuity plan for the future is crucial to driving growth.
Our business continuity specialist outline a robust plan to face difficult situations, so your organization can continue to function with as little disruption as possible. In turn, maintain essential functions during and after a disaster has occurred.
The most basic business continuity requirement is to keep essential functions up and running during a disaster and to recover with as little downtime as possible. A business continuity plan considers various unpredictable events, such as a pandemic, natural disasters, fires, disease outbreaks, cyberattacks, and other external threats.
Business continuity experts establish risk management processes and procedures that aim to prevent interruptions to mission-critical services and re-establish full function to the organization as quickly and smoothly as possible

IT Auditing and Compliance

IT Auditing and Compliance is essential for your business as risks are disrupting modern business rapidly than ever before. Our professional audit service is moving to assurance in real-time.
The fast-moving business environment and vulnerability challenge your ability to protect your organization's assets, reputation, and sustainability. Our audit partners employ new technologies, provide real-time assurance, and partner with other risk and control groups. Our specialized auditors are having the ability to protect assets, reputation and sustainability are becoming more critical and challenging amid rapid shifts in the business environment, risk landscape, and stakeholder needs.

Professional Training

Intelsyn provides professional training in the emerging technologies that are transforming our economy. We help to sharpen the skills of individuals and companies from all kinds of industries through our professional development training.
Do more with less through unprecedented time. Our professional development classes empower staff with the knowledge and skills to thrive. Create an inspiring working environment. Explore knowledge from some of the proven and eminent professionals.
Our training comes fresh from the workplace with a pragmatic approach. All of our consultants are proven business professionals with established careers and reputations. Their knowledge is the latest, and their guidance is pragmatic. They know how to leverage because they walk in your shoes and perform enough hand-holding every working day.